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Amira World Travels is the best travel agency in Laurel, Maryland for providing top-notch service and affordable travel destinations. We provide multiple vacation packages, tour packages, luxury and adventure cruises, safaris, romantic getaways, and so much more. With Destinations worldwide, including North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, we are a committed travel agency in Laurel, Maryland, that's ever ready to help you in planning the perfect trip. We aim to ensure that we make your travel dreams a reality.

We want to ensure that our Clients get unforgettable customized vacation packages to different parts of the world. We have a strong team who want to ensure that you get the best services in this industry as per your needs and expectations.

Our Team

At Amira World Travels, we have professional travel agents that ensures you get the best value for your travel plans, whether it’s a tour or an all-inclusive vacation, we have you covered. It is this reason that most of our Clients are repeat Clients year after year after experiencing our one-on-one service and value for their money. Most of our new Clients are through word of mouth, our current Clients go the extra mile to recommend our top-notch services.

What We Do?

We offer a variety of destinations and travel options including vacation packages, cruises, destinations, special interests, tour vacations, and much more. We take pride in making our esteemed Clients feel like family. This is a core principle of our travel agency, and an essential part of our philosophy.

At Amira World Travels, our circle of Clients keeps expanding from one day to another, as our Clients refer their family and friends based on the amazing experience, they have had booking with the best travel agency in Laurel, Maryland. We understand that the exceptional services we offer contribute a lot towards making this goal achievable. Amira World Travels proudly announces that we’re a five-star full-service travel agency in Laurel, Maryland that specializes in the art of travel. Our travel agency offers these recommendable destinations to all parts of the world.

Our Mission

To encourage more people to travel the world and be enlightened and to provide top-notch hospitality and high-quality services.

In simple words, we work towards making your travel dreams a reality.

Amira World Travels understands that there are several things you consider whenever planning for a travel tour or an all-inclusive vacation of a lifetime. Other than money, value is also a vital factor you will want to bear in mind. Selecting the right travel agent is key. As such, you will not regret selecting the best travel agency in Laurel, Maryland and utilizing our top-notch services.

Why Amira World Travels?

At Amira World Travels, we offer high-quality cruises, all-inclusive vacation packages, tour packages, corporate travels and more at affordable low prices. We also ensure that all our Clients receive personalized one-on-one attention.

In addition to providing recommendable services at affordable prices, we also have an award-winning, world-travelled owner and travel agent on our team. Therefore, we provide the most appropriate solution to your question, "Which is the best travel agency near me?" Amira World Travels is the perfect solution for all your travel needs because of our knowledgeable travel agents in the industry. You can always expect to get immediate responses to all your travel questions.

About the Owner

My Philosophy has always been to stay true to who I am. Welcome to a new era of hospitality and high-quality services at Amira World Travels.

Diana has traveled to well over forty countries, including Aruba, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tanzania, Morocco, Ghana, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Italy, France, India, Palestine, Turks & Caicos, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia, England, Spain, Bermuda, Guyana, to name a few. She is dedicated to making each travel experience the most enjoyable experience for each client.

Diana McCalpin


best travel agency in Laurel Maryland

Fun Fact

Amira World Travels is named after Diana’s pet Maltese, Amira. Amira is a happy, feisty, high-spirited dog, who travels with Diana whenever possible. Amira has traveled to several states including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia as well as internationally to Morocco. Amira loves to go apple picking and romping in the sand at the beach.

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